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When Beating Cabin Fever Sounds Better than Beating the Heat

Has the summer of Covid left you searching for (safe, necessary) reasons to get out of your house? Has your yard been mowed more than ever before, simply because it's something to do and the before and after gives you the satisfaction you need in this sad, stressful world? (Okay a little dramatic maybe, but isolation is hard 😅). Since you've been stuck at home more than ever before, here are a few "do it yourself" tips to get you out of the house and into nature!

  1. If you have a large, cleared property- Get out and mow ALL of it, not just the yard. Ticks, snakes, rodents and all kinds of critters love tall grass.

  2. If you use your land to hunt- Begin to prep your land!

a. Set up your trail cams to begin tracking patterns

b. Grab a chainsaw for some light brush and branch removal to make sure your

paths allow you to be as quiet as possible

c. Plant your food plots (you may need some support with the land management

here if you haven't done it before)

d. Grab a beer and go scouting! Keep an eye out for droppings, rubs and

scrapings 3. If your beds could use a little TLC- When mulching around trees, don't mulch too high

on the tree. This helps it to breathe!

4. If you plan on removing a tree on your own- a few things to know:

a. Call a professional if the tree is too big (you cannot reach the lowest branch

without a ladder)

b. Never use your truck to pull up a tree. A number of things could go wrong- ropes

could break, it could fall in the wrong direction, and depending on the size of the

tree and your towing capacity, you could do some serious damage to your truck.

5. If you're accumulating a lot of organic and garden waste: Compost! There are many resources online for building a compost in your backyard with few materials. The rich soil you end up with can be used for gardening next year, or can even be donated!

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