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Dying or Dormant? Here's How You can Make the Most of these Frigid Temperatures

Per usual in Middle Tennessee, we jumped right from scorching mid summer heat to winter temps with little fall in between. This can be defeating for those who like to spend their time outside, working on or enjoying their land.

BUT DO NOT FRET! There is still plenty to be done in the colder months... Dormant pruning, tree transplants, and of course, clearing and forestry mulching to name a few!

Dormant pruning is when you cut down dead branches and brush, leaving the healthy parts of the tree ready to bloom in the spring. This is typically when you would make larger pruning cuts than you would pruning in seasons that the vegetation is actively growing.

Tree transplanting is great for this time of year, right after leaf drop when you can see the tree's branch patterns. This is also when trees are dormant, but the roots and ground are not too frozen yet.

While the before and after pictures of land clearing aren't as dramatic after the leaves fall, the work is just as effective! Minimal leafing makes our work easier, especially when using our forestry mulcher or removing larger trees. Precipitation also tends to be lower during the colder months, which minimizes disturbance of the soil. To learn more or book us for one of these projects, Contact Us!

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