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What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry mulching is a method of land clearing that uses a single machine to shred, cut and level vegetation only leaving behind a layer of mulch. The "teeth" on this machine make it extremely useful in quickly eliminating brush in wooded areas, controlling overgrowth and simply cleaning up your property.

Our CAT 299d2xhp on a 4 month project in Franklin, TN

 Forestry mulching can be used for a variety of projects commercially and residentially such as:

•Trail Creation

•Invasive Species Control

•Wildfire Prevention and Management

•Site Preparation

•Storm Damage Clean Up

•Land and Brush Clearing

By using this machine, we can remove your unwanted brush and trees much more quickly than other methods while limiting the disturbance to soils or the vegetation that you wish to keep on your property. Also unlike traditional land clearing methods, forestry mulching actually aids in preventing erosion. With mulching, the soil structure is left intact acting as an erosion barrier while nutrients return to the soil. 

Why Choose Forestry Mulching?

The "mulch" leftover from the machine.

There are many benefits to forestry mulching compared to more traditional methods, such as bulldozers and excavators. Staying on top of mulching can reduce stress on surrounding trees and minimize the risk of invasive species, controlling the spreading of the unwanted vegetation, insects, and fungus. In addition to improving the quality of vegetation on your property, the mulch left behind creates a barrier that prevents erosion and allows nutrients to be restored into the soil for future, healthy growth. 

Contributing to the environmentally conscious advantages, mulchers eliminate many steps and pieces of equipment typically needed to clear land, especially on smaller jobs. This results in less prep and clean-up, as well as a reduction in fuel requirements and emissions!

What you Need to Know

The transformation of one of our clients' properties after less than one day of mulching.

Are you inspired by this alternative to traditional clearing methods, and wondering what could this look like for your property?

Consider a few things: 

•We use our mulching head for trees that are 6 inches in diameter and under.

•If you are looking to remove bigger trees, we can still provide that service! This only means that the mulcher is not the exclusive machine on the job. 

•The use of this service requires the site to have road access for fueling and maintenance purposes.

If you feel our Forestry Mulching services do not match your needs, do not fret! Learn more about our other offerings below, or contact us.

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