Whether it's meeting to bid or to do all of the heavy lifting and machine operating, you'll see Josh on the job site! Josh's education background is in Animal Science and Aerospace with 10+ years professional experience in landscaping, land maintenance, and plant identification. As a previous owner of Goat Guys LLC, he understands the importance of ensuring you feel like YOU can control and be a good steward of YOUR land. You'll love working with Josh and his goofy personality as he manages your project and helps educates you on how to take care of your property long-term. 

If you have a larger piece of property, you may get the opportunity to see Sky on job sites with Josh! Sky is a previous Goat Guys employee and has experience herding livestock, exploring acreage and being a very, very good girl.  She loves people just as much as she loves working, which she's been doing since she was just a pup. Sky has a lot of tricks up her sleeve, so if you meet her make sure to ask her to "dance" or "talk to me"! 

More of a behind the scenes kind of gal, you'll most likely chat with Sam via phone or email! Sam's background is in Operations Management and Marketing with a passion for design and process optimization. She understands the importance of making sure YOU are taken care of- whether it's communicating about invoicing or ensuring you get a weekly-update on the status of your project. Sam is the face behind our socials and and content for any marketing you receive. Whether you're amazed by your project's before and afters or would like to provide any sort of feedback, Sam will take care of you!

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