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Hi! We’re the Delozier's, and here to serve!


Grounded was founded by our ring leader, Josh, to offer efficient land clearing and management solutions to residential and commercial properties in Middle Tennessee. We specialize in Forestry Mulching, while also offering additional services ranging from dirt work and site prep to driveway and trail creation in order to be the “one stop shop” for your land clearing needs.


Josh's education background is in agriculture and Aerospace with 10+ years professional experience in landscaping, land maintenance, and plant identification. As a previous owner of Goat Guys LLC, Josh understands the importance of making sure you feel like YOU can control and be a good steward of YOUR land. As a service member, he understands the importance of doing business with a foundation of trust, integrity and delivering quality work. Whether it's meeting to bid or to do all of the heavy lifting and machine operating, Josh will be your #1 point of contact on and off site and you’ll love working with his goofy self. 


Supporting Josh behind the scenes you’ll find Sam, Charlie, and our trusty pup, Sky. You’ll Sam's work in our monthly newsletters, social content, website management and scheduling. Have any feedback, want to learn where you can leave a review or how we can partner? Sam’s your go-to! 


Charlie is our one year old little girl, and is another driving force of why we do what we do. Her best friend, our Border Collie Sky, is a now retired herding dog that you may see on site from time to time. 


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