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Being a landowner is an investment. Grounded emphasizes the importance of intentional and educated ownership not only to be a responsible owner but to ensure you get a great return, whether you are looking to sell in the immediate future or would just like the option one day. While the objective of landowners vary, we believe that ultimately there is a shared, understood importance of being a good steward, taking care of and growing what has been entrusted to you.

How does this add value to you?

Similar to the ever-growing trend of flipping houses as the Greater Nashville Area expands, you can flip your land to increase the value! Grounded helps you understand the market around you, what is selling for how much, and what we can do to maximize your properties’ worth.

If selling is not in your immediate future, we can work with you to create a Land Management Plan to ensure that your property is reaching its full potential so that when the time comes, you’re ready for that new trail, barn, to sell, or simply to have a picnic without those pesky invasives!

why trust grounded?

Owner and Head Land Steward Josh Delozier is a licensed realtor and not only has great experience in land management but an understanding of the processes and factors that go into buying and selling a property.

We have the tools and resources to tell you what land comparable to yours sold for and when, and the knowledge to strategize with you so that you can increase your listing price or simply maximize the potential you see in your property.

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If you feel our Property Consultation services do match your needs or if you have any questions, do not fret! Learn more about our other offerings below, or contact us.


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